Tips On How To Get Pregnant With Tubes Tied

The tubal ligation procedure is one that a lot of women go through with once they´ve decided that they don´t want any more children. If these women then decide after the procedure that they do want another child, while it can be quite challenging it is possible. To learn how to get pregnant with tubes tied, there are a few things for women to know. Some women have gotten pregnant after having their tubes tied because a small section of the fallopian tubes grew back together.

When part of the fallopian tubes grow back after having the tubal ligation procedure, eggs can still travel through the tubes and get fertilized by sperm. Women can also get pregnant after this procedure if they have an ectopic pregnancy. In an ectopic pregnancy the egg is fertilized and implanted outside of the uterus. The baby is unable to get nutrition when outside of the uterus.

As a result the egg is not able to develop normally and ectopic pregnancies must be terminated in order to protect the woman. If an ectopic pregnancy is left it can be devastating to a woman´s health and even kill her. For women looking to learn how to get pregnant with tubes tied, they can go through with the reverse tubal ligation procedure. This is the most definite way of getting pregnant after having tubes tied.

Of course just as with any other type of procedure, there are risks and complications that can arise as a result of this procedure. They are going to take a few factors into consideration including your health and age, to determine whether or not you´re an eligible candidate for the procedure. The procedure involves a rejoining of the segments of the fallopian tubes which were separated in the original procedure. Doctors will tell you upfront whether or not you´re considered to be a good candidate for the procedure.

Age is one of the main factors that doctors consider when trying to decide on the reverse tubal ligation procedure for a woman. Women over the age of 38 may not be candidates for the procedure not only because the risks and possible complications are greater but also because even if the procedure does go well the likelihood of pregnant at this age is slim. Women who are interested in learning how to get pregnant after their tubes have been tied should start by talking to their doctor. Each woman is different and it´s important they discuss this with their doctor before getting too serious about it.